Monday, March 8, 2010

Spoken Truth 02.03.2010

The Beauty of Kampala lies in the laps of its artists. With every swift movement of the city it is the Artists who absorb, collect and manifest it into words, pictures and movements.

March 2nd saw the REBIRTH of these artists outlet. Spoken Truth. As we talk about the rebirth we should first explain the Spoken Truth Concept. Spoken Truth is an Event which runs twice a month at Club Rouge on Jinja Road Kampala. On the Tuesdays that it runs this can be seen as an open space for young artists to come and represent themselves through their various art forms. The most popular are the Poets, Emcees and Dancers but visual artists are always welcome to come and do their thing too. This Space aims to act as a platform for anyone to step onstage and much like an open mic, perform, express and enjoy themselves.

Writing this it is impossible for me to miss out on the fact that this Spoken Truth I was celebrating my birthday and I was really blessed!

The air at rouge seemed to be thick with talent as the emcees and poets began to do their thing by 9pm. The stage was graced with our regular poets such as Waterfalls, Grace, Angelica and me (Roshan), but what was very inspirational were emcees such as Jungle The Man Eater moving form rapping to poetry and back with ease, capturing each and every member of the audience despite language barriers.

This week saw live visual art as people began requesting the tribal facial designs that were being worn by me and Miss Gloria Wavamunno. It was inspiring to see people set aside their contemporary ideologies about makeup and look at how we were finding our beauty in our tribal ancestry.

Other artists who represented themselves this week were Martin and Achola, usually audience members but rarely going up on stage it was a blessing for us to hear their poems once again. Also MAURICE KIRYA was very welcome on stage with his song about wanting peace in the music industry the night was filled with inspiration.

Spoken Truth ended with an air of satisfaction, appreciation and complete gratitude to those who came out. Talent and inspiration from all angles.

The next Spoken Truth will be on March 16th At Club Rouge on Jinja Road, Start time is 8.30pm

If you’re an Emcee please contact Burney Mc: +256 782 147 588

If you’re a Poet please contact Rosh: +256 775 101 151